Embracing the New, Honouring the Old

At Noveltea, we cherish roots while stretching branches towards the sky. Born from the rich tapestry of British culture, we’ve evolved to capture the spirit of today's world, embracing a modern, youthful energy while preserving the essence of tradition.

During the pandemic, the former owners of this incredible drink encountered significant financial challenges that eventually led to their liquidation. Nevertheless, the inherent value and remarkable potential of this exceptional product remained. In acknowledgment of its enduring charm, a new ownership team has enthusiastically taken the reins. Fuelled by a profound dedication to upholding the product's legacy while injecting it with new ideas and resources, the relaunch is poised to exemplify resilience and innovation.

Our Journey

Rebranding was more than a fresh coat of paint; it was a transformative dive into the heart and soul of our brand. While Noveltea has always celebrated classic British elegance, we recognized the shifting winds of our times. Brands, like the best teas, need to evolve, adapting their blend to resonate with contemporary tastes without losing their core essence.

Driven by this vision, we embarked on a rejuvenating journey. We dreamt of creating a brand experience that wasn't just about a product, but about moments—those magical instances when friends reunite with a spirited cheer, when diverse elements come together to form something novel.


Noveltea Today

Our current offerings encapsulate this very essence. With vibrant, contemporary designs and a dynamic fusion of flavours, each sip promises the 'Noveltea Moment'—a moment of reunion, joy, and the thrill of the new.

But we don't just stop at delightful beverages. Always a step ahead, Noveltea ventures into pioneering experiences, like our unique metaverse, Noveltopia. Here, our enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of Noveltea, interact with our products, and truly live the Noveltea experience, transcending the ordinary.


Forward, Together

Our success is a testament to our dedicated team, a group of individuals with vast expertise in the spirits, beverages, and flavour industry. This collective passion drives us to push boundaries, innovate, and continually raise the bar.

And as we gaze ahead, our sights are set not just on new products, but on richer experiences, deeper connections, and moments that turn into cherished memories.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to redefine the art of sipping. Here’s to the past, the present, and the promising future.