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What has changed?

New Design, Delicious as always

After a break, Noveltea is finally back - with a new design and a lot has happened!

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The “Let's Spill the Tea” Cap

Of course we drink water. Brewed as tea, to be precise. Mixed with the tastiest spirits and a slice of lemon for garnish, make yourself comfortable with a glass of Noveltea and let's spill the tea!

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Spirit mixed with Tea

What is noveltea?

Spirits mixed with tea - sounds delicious, doesn't it? Do you like rum best with Green Mint Tea, whisky with Oolong Tea or gin with Earl Grey Tea? Noveltea appears in new splendour, but with the delicious tried and tested varieties. A dry gin with over 30 botanicals has been added - for all lovers of long drinks and cocktails!

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