NOVELTEA - a drink that brings magic to the everyday and celebrates life’s wins.  We want to be transparent, every bottle of NOVELTEA, as with many items we buy requires resources to make. It is important to our company values and to the NOVELTEA team to ensure that each bottle does not negatively impact our planet.

We set ourselves the target to offset the carbon and plastic that we produce - we are proud to say we have achieved this – in fact we now offset TWICE the amount of carbon that we produce. We are supporting projects that improve lives and cut carbon find out more below. 

Myanmar Stoves Campaign

We are offsetting 10 tonnes of CO2, which is comparable to app. 5 white rhinos, one of the heaviest land animals of the world

United Nations Angkor Bio Cogen Rice Husk Rower Project

We are eliminating 200 tonnes of CO2, which is comparable to the weight of a blue whale, the heaviest animal of the world 

We know, offsetting is not enough and should only be the last resource. Hence, our annual goals are to reduce carbon and plastic consumption by 10% YoY. We accomplish this by (1) calculating, (2) measuring, (3) avoiding and reducing, and to (4) only offset anything that cannot be avoided or reduced.