Our latest research reveals the moments which make a great British summer ‘MAGICAL’


Love it, or love to moan about it, our research has revealed a list of 30 things which make summer in the UK unique and ‘magical’, with everyone moaning it’s “too hot” coming top with 52 percent of the vote.

Hearing the ice-cream van coming down your street (33 percent), wearing shorts at the first sign of sunshine (28 percent), making a massive fuss about a wasp (25 percent) and watching the cricket (17 percent) also featured high.

Yet our study found that the number one thing the Brits love about the summer is the chance to complain that it’s just too hot (52 percent).

Other key indicators of a quintessentially British summer include getting sunburnt on the first sunny day of the year (28 percent), hearing your neighbours mow their lawn (28 percent), drinks in the park with pals (24 percent), and the hilarity of a seagull trying to steal your ice cream (23 percent).

Enjoying a 99 flake from the ice cream van (40 percent), seeing groups of men standing round a BBQ (26 percent), the classic sock and sandals combo (19 percent) - and even listening to the rain falling on the outside of your tent (16 percent), also made it onto the list.

Other British summer highlights include checkered picnic blankets (22 percent), the realisation that you have inconvenient tan lines (17 percent) and getting to use a mini fan on a bus (10 percent).

The data also found that 28 percent of Brits like nothing better than a cold pint and a packet of crisps in a pub garden on a hot summer day, while 27 percent are annually cheered by the excitement of Wimbledon.

And more than a third (34 percent) of UK adults still get a thrill from the sound of an ice cream van going down their street.

Graeme Nash, our Director of Marketing said: “The research reveals we love to have a good moan about the weather during the summer, as well as enjoying those other classic experiences from eating 99p flakes to hearing our neighbours mow the lawn. At NOVELTEA we’re all about those quintessentially British moments of joy and humor, be it a wasp-free picnic or the first rewarding drink after a hard day’s work, so we’re delighted to learn more about the moments that make Britain smile.”

Almost a quarter (23 percent) of Brits love the fact they'll be eating a full Sunday roast every week throughout the summer months, whatever the weather. And one in 10 (9 percent) are looking forward to the ritual of the nasty man of Love Island inevitably getting his comeuppance.

Our study found that a staggering 94 percent of Brits agree that, from breezy picnic blankets, fish and chips on the beach, and burnt sausages on the BBQ, the UK summer is a totally unique experience.

While 87 percent think that, despite the ups and downs of a great British summer, it’s always a magical time of year.




  1. Everyone saying it’s “too hot” - 52 percent
  2. A flake from the ice cream van - 40 percent
  3. Hearing the ice cream van come down your street - 34 percent
  4. The smell of sunscreen - 32 percent
  5. Strawberries and cream - 30 percent
  6. Burning your bangers on the BBQ - 29 percent
  7. Getting shorts on at the first sight of sun - 28 percent
  8. The soothing sound of your neighbours mowing the lawn - 28 percent
  9. Getting sunburnt on the first day of hot weather - 28 percent
  10. An ice-cold pint and a packet of crisps/peanuts in a pub garden - 28 percent
  11. Summer festival season - 27 percent 
  12. Wimbledon - 27 percent
  13. Groups of men standing around the BBQ - 26 percent
  14. Making a massive fuss about a wasp - 25 percent
  15. Drinks in the park - 24 percent
  16. A Sunday roast, whatever the weather - 23 percent
  17. Seagulls trying to steal your ice cream - 23 percent
  18. Checkered picnic blankets - 22 percent
  19. People wearing socks and sandals - 19 percent
  20. Complaining to anyone who will listen about your hay fever - 19 percent
  21. Inconvenient tan lines - 17 percent
  22. The cricket - 17 percent
  23. The sound of rain hitting the outside of your tent - 16 percent
  24. Chasing your kids around the garden with a hose - 16 percent
  25. The sound of your partner doing chores in the garden - 11 percent
  26. Getting the bunting out for your garden party - 10 percent
  27. Having to use a mini fan on the bus - 10 percent
  28. The comeuppance of the unlikeable man on Love Island - 9 percent
  29. Impromptu games of rounders - 8 percent
  30. Lashings of ginger beer - 6 percent

(Photo credits: @im_eleonora)