Alcohol-free Gin-alternative NOVELTEA 0% London Dry wins Gold Medal at ISW

Germany, 19th of May, 2021 – the number one German spirit competition ISW has awarded the recently launched NOVELTEA 0% London Dry a gold medal.

Designed to complement a more mindful, balanced and healthier lifestyle, NOVELTEA’s 0% London Dry embodies lightness, freshness and fruit which is set to delight sophisticated non-drinkers, and anyone simply looking to cut back on their alcohol intake.The premium 0% ABV spirit features strong overtones of juniper and a hint of Earl Grey to provide the best possible G&Tea with none of the alcohol.

Commenting the success Lukas Passia, co-founder of NOVELTEA said: “We’re overwhelmed by the success of NOVELTEA 0% London Dry and extremely happy and proud. We were always looking to develop a drink in the category of NO ABV that actually tastes great and to receive such a prestigious award endorses all the hard work and effort that has gone into creating such a wonderful drink. It motivates us to work even harder on future projects and batches.”

Jury groups, each consisting of five to six tasters and chaired by a jury president taste the registered spirits blind and individually by each taster in thematically related flights. The tasting is carried out in Rastal nosing glasses, which ensures maximum comparability. Samples are judged on appearance, smell, taste and overall impression in a 100-point scheme. On top, they are described aromatically using an aroma wheel specially developed for each spirit category – a unique feature of the ISW that gives a flavour profile of the product at a glance and provides end consumers and producers alike with added value.

The publishing house Meininger running the ISW highlighted that only 30% of the registered products got awarded.