11 Tips and tricks to help you plan your perfect picnic

With spring temperatures and Easter just in front of us, it's time to get outdoors, dust off the picnic set and start planning your perfect day out. Picnics are great fun as you get take your family away from your home and get a much needed change of scenery (particularly after the restrictions of the last 12 months) – but that can also make it tricky as you if you have forgotten something you can’t pop into your house to get a corkscrew or a knife. Weve done some research to set up a checklist for you to have a delightful day. Here’s some inspirations and 11 top tips and tricks to help you plan your perfect picnic.  

    Before you even start planning check out the weather forecast and choose your location. The weather isn’t on your side? No issue, get out into your garden or relocate your picnic into an indoor space as a greenhouse. The sun is 
    shining and the temperatures are warm? Time to get on the road. Fields of flowers (make sure no one has seasonal allergies or at least take your hay fever tablets), river banks and the beach are waiting for you. Or just go for the classic one – a picnic in your local park. Important: go for a spot that is flat, has some trees to provide some shadow if it is sunny and finally: a great view always helps to make your picnic a memorable one.  

    Depending on your selected location pillows and a portable picnic table are must-haves or are just making your picnic experience extra cushy. Although any kind of blanket is fine our advice for the perfect picnic would be to go for a rubber-based picnic rug to avoid damp areas. Additional cushions will not only add comfort but also also make sure that everyone can sit where they want, instead of having to move the blanket every couple of minutes to please both the shade chasers and sunseekers alike. Finally, a picnic table will be a benefit as a solid surface reduces the risk of accidental spills.  

    The answer doesn’t only depend on wanting to have a more Insta-worthy item such as a woven basket. More important is the comfort. And again it depends on the location you want to go for in addition to the transport. If you will be driving your car close to your location go for a charming traditional picnic hamper. If you are traveling on public transport or you are planning to hike deep into the woods, some kind of bag is much easier to carry.  

    If you are having your picnic next to your car the best option would be an electric cooling box. If not, here are some options to keep your food and drinks cool. To reduce weight just put some bottles of flat water and freshly squeezed orange juice in the freezer overnight before leaving to have some drinks for the kids and drivers. When you reach your 
    spot the drinks will be in perfect conditions. If this is not enough take some pre-frozen ice blocks to place around your food. For drinks to remain cool flasks can also help.  

    Visit your local deli and go for some homemade cake. Cheese and charcuterie are always a good option and with the right pairing you can really make a difference. What about parmesan cheese paired with NOVELTEA The Tale of Oolong? Simple delicious and very different 
    to what all your family or friends are used to. These can be topped up with some Crackers, freshly baked bread, fresh fruits and some salad jars. Also go for chunky crudités as celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and cucumber wedges and pack a separate dipping sauce. Always remember that the fun of a picnic is to spread all the delight on the table or blanket and let everyone help themselves. It is not about offering lots of different courses. A special cake recipe made by food blogger @zimtliebe_de can be found here.  

  6. DRINKS 
    Same as food drinks can really make a difference. First rule is: stay hydrated. Water and juices are always important. But let’s move to the more fun ones. What about Prosecco and NOVELTEA? Take advantage of NOVELTEA being a really versatile drink here are some serving suggestions: NOVELTEA The Tale of Earl Grey can be enjoyed gently warmed along with a piece of cake instead of your regular cup of tea. And NOVELTEA The Tale of Moroccan Mint can be used as cocktail ingredient with Prosecco, Elderflower syrup and lime juice. Easy to mix, different and really refreshing.    

    Make your picnic a memorable one. You may want to bring along flowers, candles and a lighter. But check out fire restrictions first to keep yourself and the environment safe. 

    Bring along 
    rubbish bags for any waste and an additional plastic bag for dirty dishes and glasses to be cleaned at home. Paper towels and wet wipes for messy hands and faces are also really useful.  

    If you would like to make your picnic more special always remember to pack a proper table setting depending on the food and drinks you plan to serve and the location you chose. To avoid breakage pack things carefully. Here is a list of items: - Plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, napkins, kitchen cloth - corkscrew or bottle opener - cutting board and knife - sunglasses and sunblock - parasol, towels (beach) or extra blankets if it’s cold - insect repellent - extra foil to cover cake and desserts to keep wasps away

  10. GAMES 
    Especially if you have got kids don’t forget about some outdoor activities. 
    So pack the Football, Frisby, Cricket set or whatever you fancy to have a bit of funThis is a chance to get outdoors and enjoy it – try to leave all kinds of mobile devices at home.  

    To include your pet you need to keep a few things in mind. Keep food away from curious noses. Water is a must – and shadow as well. Always remember a picnic blanket for your pet.