11 Tips To Celebrate Valentines In Lockdown

Valentine’s Day 2021 is going to be different.  But – it’s a chance to embrace the challenge and make Valentine’s Day in lockdown the best one yet. A day to let your mind travel to all the places you have been to or always wanted to go. It just needs a bit of creativity.
  1. 'Travel' to the Blue Box Café, located on the fourth floor of the flagship Tiffany & Co. store at Fifth Avenue, NY and enjoy your Breakfast at Tiffany’s in bed. Serve coffee or tea, a croissant, fresh fruits such as mangos, apples and oranges, smoked salmon and bagels, truffled eggs, avocado toast or buttermilk waffles. And instead of a glass of Champagne you can try a Breakfast Martini.
  2. Leave post it notes of all travelling moments you shared in all the places along your routine path e.g. on the bathroom mirror, on the toilet roll, etc. You have kids? Fantastic, share the idea with them, write the post it notes and ask them to search for the funniest places to leave them.
  3. Go on a hiking tour with a picnic. Fill the basket with pastries. Cinnamon is one of the typical Valentine’s Day spices by the way 😊  – so go for Cinnamon rolls. And don’t forget hot beverages in thermos bottles! What about NOVELTEA Celebrate as perfect match. Depending on your lockdown regulations just go for a little walk and have your picnic in your garden.
  4. Create a little scrapbook of your favourite holiday pictures or videos.
  5. Flowers. The must-have for Valentine’s Day! What seems to be odd and obvious can really change the day. Decorate your table with single roses or petals – it doesn’t have to be an expensive bouquet.
  6. Second must-have is fragrances. They can change your mood, remind you of long forgotten magical moments and take you on a journey. Scented candles can help to create the perfect atmosphere for an amazing evening. Just select the travel destination and go for the scent you combine with it.
  7. Decoration is king! Just take your time and fold the napkins, go for your best silver cutlery and china. One rule to remember for Valentine’s Day: there can never be enough hearts. You need some inspiration? Have a look at Pinterest!
  8. Music. Same as fragrance music can carry you away to long forgotten places and get you into Valentine’s Day mood. We at NOVELTEA have created a Spotify playlist to support you on your journey.
  9. Always start an evening with bubbles! It’s Aperitif time! Our Moroccan Mint Fizz is amazingly delicious and carries you away into a world of rich and warm Moroccan flavours, markets, desserts and the fairy tale of The Arabian Nights.
  10. The highlight of the day is definitely the dinner. And after months of home cooking experience go for a special Valentine’s Day restaurant delivery service! There are plenty of options for sure. The Italian restaurant around the corner, a themed cross-over dinner experience around the world or the place you connect with loving memories.
  11. Fire pit or Chiminea? Totally depends on you. There is nothing cosier than sitting in front of a fire place. Wrap up warm, prepare a warm glass of The Tale of Earl Grey, get out and snuggle up to the one you love. If you prefer to stay indoor just take your seat in front of your chimney! If you don’t have a chimney just check out youtube. There are a lot of chimney fire videos available!